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Retrospectation: Re-Viewing Media Against AIDS Exhibition

February 26

Utilizing multiple floors of Brown’s Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, this exhibition both looks back and imagines possible futures that are not yet determined, engaging with bodies of work of liberational ancestors and elders to imagine new modes of living. As we have been living through the COVID-19 pandemic, our thoughts have returned to the AIDS pandemic—considered “over” by some even as it continues greatly to impact the lives of those in queer, immunocompromised, poor, Global South, and other minoritized communities. This exhibit of artists, activists, and educators, and media collectives from the late 1980s videos (including works by Patricia Benoit, Peter Biella and Frances Negrón, DIVA TV, John Greyson, Barbara Hammer, Scarlot Harlot, Isaac Julian, Tom Kalin, Stashu Kybartas, Marlon Riggs, Ellen Spiro, and Youth Against Monsterz) allows for a “retro-speculation” and “retro-spectation” of performance and media work against AIDS. In other words, we hope to create a dialogue between the past and present, art and politics, creative and scholarly work. Through the retrospection, speculation, and spectatorship that this project can engender, we hope to provide perspectives on ways of imaging and imagining, engaging and re-mediating the challenges of living through and with pandemics marked by gender, race, class, and global difference. Retrospectation: Re-Viewing Media Against AIDS is part of the Brown Arts IGNITE (https://arts.brown.edu/ignite) Series.