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William Kentridge’s NO, IT IS (2012)

May 28

William Kentridge’sNO, IT IS(2012) is a triptych of animated flipbook films. The looped and asynchronous films—Workshop Receipts,The Anatomy of Melancholy, andPractical Enquiries(all 2012)—are displayed on three 50″ flat screens. Kentridge calls his animation technique “stone-age filmmaking,” which is a laborious process, wherein he draws, documents, and repeats the action. Ultimately, each frame undergoes various alterations, as the narrative unfolds through time and film takes form.The presentation in the Cohen Gallery also offers an interactive reading space with a selection of various Kentridge monographs and artbooks. These varied materials illustrate Kentridge’s expansive oeuvre, which includes etching, drawing, collage, animation, sculpture, theater, and opera.At its core, the presentation seeks to ignite inquiries about the entwined processes of discovery through making in the studio and experimentation as its tenets.NO, IT ISconcludes the semester-long William Kentridge and the Centre for the Less Good Idea residency at the Brown Arts Institute.William KentridgeNO, IT IS, 2012Three-channel high-definition video (color, sound)Duration variableThe Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of Alice and Tom Tisch, 2015