Writer’s Guidelines

Have an article you’d like to submit? Please email info@pvdeye.org


Topics and story content

We are interested in articles that:

  • Focus on Providence issues, events and people including the local impacts of state and national trends.
  • Engage the residents of Providence.
  • Inform our community with the most relevant and compelling news, features, and the latest events listings.
  • Expand our understanding of Providence and its people with fact-based reporting.
  • Inspire our community with visions of what’s possible.



  • Submit and discuss your idea with our story editor to ensure that it meets our editorial requirements. Unsolicited articles are less likely to be published.
  • Undertake your research and interviews.
  • Consult with our story editor as needed to plan your written story and focus.
  • Submit your draft article to our editor.
  • The editor will review and request sources, clarifications and revisions if needed.
  • Your final draft will be edited for length and style. Final publishing decisions rest with Editorial.
  • Your article will be scheduled for publication on PVDEye.org


Style & Length

  • Published articles will generally be 700-1500 words in length.
  • All submissions that we use will be edited for grammar, style and consistency. Editors are guided by the AP Stylebook. Please follow these if you can.
  • The goal of the article and its benefits to the reader should be defined persuasively in the first two paragraphs.
  • Paragraphs should be short and tightly constructed.
  • Acronyms may be used after being defined on first use.
  • All persons quoted must be identified with names, titles and company affiliation.
  • Hyperlinks to any sources or related content should be inserted where needed.
  • Graphics may be used in GIF or JPEG format no wider than 700 pixels. Attach the graphics to your submission email. Include a caption of 15-25 words in complete sentences, cite the source of the graphics and ensure that we have permission to reproduce the graphics online.
  • Please write a brief biography of the author(s) of the article which includes name(s), title(s), organization(s), and website(s)/email address(es). Include a line or two about your personal history and connection to Providence.