Let’s Connect


    The Providence Eye has been open for a month now, and we’re all excited for its promise.  People are subscribing, people are writing, people are reading, and the impact of all that?  People are talking, about stories they’ve read and events they’ve attended.  We heard from someone who had changed her vote because of the CD1 candidates’ responses.  Someone else went to a Death Café after reading about them, and one reader lambasted solar panels’ environmental and social cost.

    Though there are many news sources in the capital city- TV, the newspaper, social media, we aim to be different by showing how the city works, and sometimes, why it doesn’t.  We have a distinctive voice because it’s coming from our individual and collective experience living here.  People who have worked and raised children and played here are telling others about their lives, and others are listening.  Isn’t that the essence of journalism- letting us all know What’s Going On?

    There are some wonderful online niche news sources available out there: EcoRI, El Sol, RI Current, to name a few, but we’re different in some important ways: we’re focused on Providence, we’re publishing in English and Spanish, we’re crowd-sourcing articles, we have no advertising, and we’re aiming to explain and to connect people to events and one another.

    All that’s ambitious, and from the perspective of one month, there’s still a long way to go.  We’d like to use this space to hear from you- what would you like to read about, what comments do you want to share?  And, finally, help us out: we need writers, especially in parts of town that don’t get lots of attention, and on issues that need exposure.  Click here and let us know your thoughts and if you can help, that’s welcome, of course! info@pvdeye.org