Letters to the Editor 04.10


    To the Editor:

    It is ever more URGENT to pass this beginning bill to reduce plastic waste because of the health hazard effects on all people around the world.

    According to the New England Journal of Medicine, microplastics are now found in our carotid arteries and are now a cause of heart attacks, stroke and other diseases.

    There are now more plastics, by weight, than fish in the oceans.

    Please pass this bill for my children and grandchildren,

    Roberta Houllahan


    To the Editor:

    The Comprehensive plan was a topic if discussion in the Sustainability Commission the other day.  We talked with Planning officials and made it quite clear that we felt the land use maps were a continuation of environmental injustice and that the proposals for industrial areas would continue to load the adjoining neighborhoods with additional pollution.  We asked that cumulative impact be integrated into the Comp plan and that businesses in industrial zone be put on a schedule to reduce emissions  over the 10 years in which the plan will be in effect.  They did not really have any good answers for us.  Be aware and be concerned that climate justice is not being placed at the ehart of the comprehensive plan and that without it, neighbors adjoining industrial areas will become sicker.

    Greg Gerritt