Providence Parks and Playgrounds


Providence Counts assembles facts and figures from a variety of sources to illustrate different aspects of the city.  This week, we’re focusing on the Parks Department.  There has been an enormous investment recently in newly revitalized playgrounds and new programming throughout the city, but especially in the southside.  No more cement animals in playgrounds surrounded by high fences; today’s parks and playgrounds send messages of inclusiveness, fitness, sustainability, and fun.  Taken from the 2023 Parks Annual Report: on an annual basis there are:


121 Parks and public spaces

28,000 Street trees maintained

150,000 Park and playground trash barrels emptied

2000 pounds of grass seed used

1026 Trees planted

118 Dead trees removed

43,067 Visitors to the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center

39,950 Visitors to the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium

37,150 Visitors to the Providence Rink at BankNewport City Center

93 Birthday Parties at the Providence Rink

70,000 Free meals served to children in the summer

180 participants in free bilingual fishing programs

50 species of birds seen during Providence Bird Walks