How Does Our City Grow?


Providence Counts assembles facts and figures from a variety of sources to illustrate different aspects of the city.  This year, the state-mandated once-in-a-decade Comprehensive Plan is being created in Providence.   The 2014 Comprehensive Plan encouraged growth in downtown, commercial corridors, and industrial and post industrial areas. The 2024 Comprehensive Plan’s draft growth strategy proposes to encourage growth more broadly into residential neighborhoods in response to the housing crisis.

This year’s Growth Strategy map seeks to respond to the questions,  “where do we grow?” and “how do we grow?”  It’s meant to address questions of density and the scale of buildings, keeping in mind the existence of transportation options, amenities, i.e., shopping, schools, and what the current built environment looks like.  It’s meant to be the start of a city-wide conversation regarding different scales of growth, starting with what exists and going/growing from there.

The map is available at plan.providence.ri. Check out the presentation about the proposed Growth Strategy at the last City Plan Commission (CPC) meeting. The next CPC meeting on March 19th will feature more information about the Comprehensive Plan.