Letters to the Editor 05.01


    To the Editor,

    I appreciate Alexander Castro’s thorough coverage of the South Water St bike lane issue.  It’s disappointing that Mayor Smiley seems so hostile to biking, and his notion that discouraging biking would help reduce Washington Bridge congestion is truly ludicrous.  The opposite: with the weather warming and the Redman Linear Park across the bridge, biking should have been seen as a way to help reduce congestion there.

    More generally, Providence has already sacrificed a lot so that suburban motorists can speed through the city.  Think of all the land given up for the intersections of I-95-195, I-95 and Route 6, and the 6-10 intersection strangling Olneyville. When community activists there suggested replacing that with a surface boulevard at far less expense, it was not even considered by state officials prioritizing faster travel for suburban drivers who went ahead with a full rebuild.

    Let’s hope the Council succeeds in keeping the bike lane, saving the dollars Smiley wants to squander, and keeping South Water St safer for those who bike and walk there.

    Barry Schiller