Providence Fire Department – Ready for Anything


Our Fire Department was created in 1854, making it the second-oldest continuous professional fire department in the US. (Cincinnati set up a fully paid fire service in 1853.) Our Fire Department’s motto is “Omnia Paratus,” or “Ready for Anything”.  From dumpster fires and false alarms to floods and “ring or jewelry removal” the Providence Fire Department’s (PFD) ) 2023 Annual Report details an astonishing range of incidents, accidents and mishaps that may befall us – and from which the PFD is always ready to rescue us.


47,394 Total responses to calls for service of all types.

381     Number of “sworn” personnel, joined by 23 civilian staff members.

88      Number of firefighters on duty at all times.

12       Fire stations in Providence.

574     Fires responded to, of all types.

83      Building fires.

13       Multiple-alarm building fires. The first fire company on the scene may call for a second or even a third “alarm” to summon additional companies to a major fire.

23,670 Rescue and Emergency Medical Service calls responded to.

2,338 Automobile crashes responded to.

1,244 Auto crash injuries transported to a hospital.

210     Number of victims removed from stalled elevators.

Jonathan Howard is Co-founder of Cause & Effect, Inc., a consulting company that provides strategic planning facilitation, fund development planning and board strengthening to mission-driven organizations. He is a long- time resident of Providence. His three children all attended Providence Public Schools from kindergarten through high school.