Where We Come From

Photo courtesy of Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island

We love to complain about how hard it is to live in Providence, yet our city continues to attract newcomers from around the US and abroad. New residents bring new ideas, new, foods, music and energy with them and have saved Providence and Rhode Island from losing population (and political representation in Congress).  As diverse as we are today, our past was even more so. In 1900, more than 60 percent of Providence residents were immigrants from outside the US, compared to about 32 percent today.

126,262           Providence resident citizens by birth.

57,775             Providence residents born in RI.

6,023               Resident US citizens born in Puerto Rico.

3,175               Born abroad to American parents.

59,993             Foreign-born Providence residents (not citizens by birth).

48.9%             Percentage of foreign-born residents who are now naturalized US citizens.

63.6%             Percentage of foreign-born residents who entered the US before 2010.

42.6                 Median age of foreign-born residents.

28,987             Residents who moved to their current address during the prior year (15%).

14,345             Moved within Providence County.

9,983               Moved from a different state.

2,715               Moved from another country.


Source: US Census, American Community Survey, 2022 1-Year Estimates