Funny Pages 06.05


Welcome to The PVD Eye Funny Pages – where local artists attempt to wink at the things on their minds, and the things out on the streets and in the potholes of our beloved, postage stamp, city.  Marvel at their feats of futility as they continue to put pen to paper.  Gasp at the staggering preciousness of each toon, and turn away, for a minute, from the mounds of AI generated garbage that the rest of the internet is stuffing in your face.   Can we promise quality? Can we promise humor? Maybe!  Toon in to find out.

Please send your own cartoons (ideally, Providence focused) to

Hannah Dean works and lives in Providence. During the day, she works on utilities and geographic information systems. At night she works on paper and spatial imagination systems.  She loves dogs and long walks on the beach.