Help Providence Counts Count Providence!

Photo: Tim Mollholder/Unsplash

Please help us expand our data image of ourselves by contributing to Providence Counts.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Suggest data topics for us to research (links to online sources of data make your suggestion much more likely to be pursued.)
  • Submit a list of your own (see guidelines below). Statistics educators, we’d love to have your students’ contributions.
  • For those with statistical expertise or interests: Help us plan, manage and create a library of Providence Counts data lists for the future. Or just tell us what we’ve got wrong.

Guidelines for Providence Counts:

  • Should consist of at least 8 and no than 20 numbers.
  • Should all relate to a single topic of interest and significance to Providence residents.
  • Must be confined exclusively to data from and about Providence, RI. (We do not accept “RI Urban Core” as representing Providence.)
  • Each item should begin with a number, followed by one line explaining its significance.
  • Links must be provided for the sources of your data. If you used verified sources to derive a new number, please show your math, too.

Please email your lists, ideas and offers of help to: